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Get Free referrals, Make money.
Get Free referrals, Make money.
How do I earn Credits?
You can earn credits in three ways:
Joining Programs
To join a program, go to the Earn page and click the Earn credits by joining a program link. On the page that opens you will see a list of the "Top 7" Programs. The Top 7 are the 7 programs: offering the most credits, being promoted by users with positive feedback, and are possibly Gold Members. These are not the only programs to join and there is a huge list of other programs in different categories below. To join a program click on the program name and then follow the instructions on the page. When you join a program it is advisable to ensure that you have cookies enabled as many sites use them to track signups. After you have signed up to the program through the Promoter's link you need to enter your "username" from the program you have joined. The username may be a name or an account number, so when entering your "username" check the referral link you have got from the website you are joining. The username will be the part in bold in this example: www.domain-name.com/index.php/r=username. Obviously not all sites have the same format but it will always be the name or number in your referral link that you need to enter on Getref. If you are unsure then contact the Promoter you are joining under through the mail system to make sure.

Clicking Links
To click links for credit, go to the Earn page and click the Earn credits by clicking links link. On the page that opens you will see a list of links. Click on a link and wait for the time on the page that opens to reach 0, and then press the "Credit" button to receive credit for viewing the link. If you believe a link has inappropriate/malicious content click the "Report" button next to it and it will be investigated. Hint: Clicking the links each day is a good way of getting tickets.

Referring Users
This is covered in the Referrals for Getref section.

Credits not showing?
If you have been accepted for a transaction but your new credits are not showing in your account, log out and log back into Getref. If this does not work clear your cache and cookies and log out and in again.
How do I spend Credits?
You can spend credits in two ways:
"Buying" Referrals for your program
To promote your referral link for other sites go to the Spend Page and click the Buy Referrals for your program link. On the page that opens there is a list of program that you can promote. The programs are sorted alphabetically, with a different letter on each page. When you find the program you want to promote click on it, and follow the instructions on the page. There are two information displays on the right hand side of the page too help show how the credits you invest are spent. Whilst the minimum cost per referral is 2 credits; popular programs will often need you to offer more credits as an incentive to get users to join through your link and not your competitors. When entering your "username" check the referral link you have got from the website you are promoting. The username will be the part in bold in this example: www.domain-name.com/index.php/r=username. Obviously not all sites have the same format but it will always be the name or number in your referral link that you need to enter on Getref.

Exposure for a website
Getref acts like an ordinary link exchange but is much better value. Getref only takes a 25% fee from each click whilst most link exchanges would take 50%. To set up a link go to the Spend page, then click the Buy exposures for your link link. On the page that opens fill in the boxes in the bottom half of the page with the relevant data and remember to check the Enable Link box to have your link displayed. If you want to edit a link click the link's name under the "Program LinkProgram Title" part of the page, and change the relevant data. You can not delete links, so just disable a link if you do not want it displayed. Regular users can promote 3 links at a time and Gold Members can promote 5.


Remember: There are two sides to every transaction! and ALL Transactions are permanent and can not be reversed.

Transactions as Buyer/Promoter
Once you have invested credits in a program you will see on your home page the information:
Credits invested in user programs x.xx
Credits on hold within transactions y.yy
The Credits invested is the sum of credits you have available in your programs for users to join through. The credits on hold reflects whether users have requested credit from you for signing up through your link. To see a list of Pending Transactions click the View Pending link at the  . You will see the Transaction ID#, Program Name and Date of request. Click on the Program Name of each transaction to see more details about it. Check the username that the Earner has entered against your downline list on the program that you were promoting, or if there is not a list check and see if you downline has increased. You must either Accept or Decline the Transaction within 72 hours of the Earner requesting credit. After 72 hours the Earner will be able to Force the Transaction and gain the credits from it without your approval. If the Earner has signed up to your program and you are happy with them, then Accept the transaction. The Earner will be given the credits you set aside for the program and your promoter's rating will have +1 added to it. If you feel that the Earner has been too inactive in your program or has not signed up under you then you should decline the Transaction. You will keep your credits but you will have -1 on your promoter's rating. This is too prevent abuse by Promoter's. When you accept or decline a transaction you can leave feedback about the user by entering a short comment in the box above the Accept/Decline button.

If an Earner has left a transaction on Hold and is 'tying up' your credits then you may either want to cancel it or accept it. When a transaction is on Hold the Earner has not 'finalised' the transaction on Getref, but they may have signed up on your program so you may still want to accept the transaction and give them the credits for what they have done. If you decide to Cancel an On Hold transaction then you will keep your Credits and your Promoter's rating will not be affected.

It is a good idea to contact Earners who you are considering declining through the mail system first to see if they have a problem at their end, but bear in mind the fact they can force Transactions after 72 hours.
Transactions as Earner
After joining a program through another user you will have to wait up to 72 hours for them to Accept or Decline your Credit Request. You should always read a program's description before joining to check if the user you are signing up under has any expectations. For example on a PTC they may want you to click X number of adverts in Y days. Try and follow these requests to maximise your chances of acceptance. If you feel a user's expectations are unreasonable then do NOT signup under them - find another user with lower expectations to join under. If your Transaction is Accepted then you will receive the promised number of credits and a +1 on your Earner's rating. If the Transaction is Declined then you will not receive the Credits and you will receive a -1 on your Earner's rating. If you feel that you have been unfairly declined then try and contact the Promoter you joined under through the mail system to see if you can reach an amicable agreement.

If your Transaction has not been Accepted or Declined after 72 Hours you can 'Force' it and receive the credit. To Force a Transaction, Click the View Earned link, then the Program Name and press the Force button on the Transaction page.

What is the current success rate of all transactions?
Our acceptance percentage is 79.13% (188861/238646)
This percentage represents how many credit requests are accepted
when a user claims to have joined a person's program.
I think I have been cheated | "Scammers"
Remember: There are two sides to every transaction!
We know that there is a problem with malicious users falsely requesting Credits without joining programs, but solutions are being discussed to help protect everyone. There is a simple protection already in place whereby Promoters with a Promoter's Rating of 11 and above can decline Earner's with ratings of 2 and below without penalty, keeping their credits and rating.

Gold Members also have increased protection with the ability to ban specific users from joining their programs through the ban page; a list of the worst rated Earners; and a ban that blocks all users with ratings below 5 from joining their programs. These tools can almost completely remove the chance of scammers affecting Gold Members.

New protections are being developed for Gold Members and Regular users.

I want a new program added
If you want a new program added to Getref please first check that it is not already in the program list. To get a new program added make a post in the "Add new Website requests" thread on the Message Board. You should a new topic with your program name in the subject and not post in existing threads. Please use the forum search facility to see if a site has already been requested. Please bear in mind the following when you ask:

I cannot stress this enough.

When posting your link, do not put your referral link at the end of the link put XXXXXXX or "yournamehere" or something generic. If you do not abide by this rule, I will delete your post. Reason for this is I do not want spam on this message board, and it quickly turns into a spammed board if certain rules aren't abided by.

Currently, WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY PAY SITES. So if there is a membership fee required when joining a site, don't bother posting it. This may change in the future, but for now this is the way it is.
Sites are added in a single cycle about once every month.
Referrals for Getref
Why do I need referrals for Getref?
You can earn 10% of the credits that your downline earn by joining programs through Getref. The downline on Getref is 5 levels deep and the 10% applies on all levels, so a strong downline can quickly generate you a lot of extra credits. You will also earn a 2 credit bonus for every active user that you refer.
I have not received my 2 credit bonus!?
In order to receive the 2 credit bonus: The referral must have been directly referred to Getref through your signup link, and they must have earned at least one credit by joining a site in the Earn section of Getref. You do not get the 2 credit bonus for random referrals from Gold Membership.

How do I Earn Money from Getref?
Quite simply you earn money with Getref by using it as a tool to expand your downlines on other GPT(Get-paid-to) and incentive based sites. However Gold Members do earn $0.05 for every program that they join and are accepted for and can request a cashout when the reach $20.00 or more. Gold Members also receive $0.02 for every program that Gold Members in their downline join and are accepted for.
What are Tickets?
Tickets are entries into a prizedraw. The winners are chosen about once a month and the prize is split between the person with the most tickets and another person drawn at random. Like all prize draws the more tickets you have, the more chance you have of winning. The prize is normally made up of money, gold membership and cash.

How do I get Tickets?
Tickets can be gained in a number of ways, but they all come from using the site - try a variety of activities to try and increase your chances. When you receive a ticket you will get a popup message telling you that you have done so.

Sending Messages
To send a message to a user on Getref, click the link in the top right of the page that will either say "No New Mail" or "You have Mail", and then press the Create New Mail link. On the page that appears enter the User you want to contact's Getref Username in the "To" box, a subject in the "Subject" box and your message in the "Message" box. There is a 1000 character limit on each message. Regular members can only send 30 messages, Gold Members are unlimited.
Reading Messages
If you have a new Message then the link in the top right of the page saying "You have Mail" mail will flash on and off. Click on it to open your mail list and read the message by clicking on the subject line. To reply to the message when it is open just click the Reply button and enter your message in the "Message" box. There is a 1000 character limit. To delete a message that you have received, open it and press the delete button. Messages can not be retrieved once they are deleted.
Get Free referrals, Make money, business opportunities